Everything Must Change - 6/27/2021

Updated: Jul 31

Everything must change

Nothing stays the same

Everyone will change

No one stays the same

The young become the old

And mysteries do unfold, oh yes

For that's the way of time

Nothing and no one goes unchanged

There are not many things in life

You can be sure of, except

Rain comes from the clouds

Sun lights up the sky

And hummingbirds do fly

(Song lyrics by Bernard Ighner. First released by Quincy Jones.)

Change. It's difficult but necessary. Even the word "metamorphosis" is difficult to say (and spell, lol)! The act of "becoming" means that there is an end result, but the process isn't complete yet. What completes that process? Change. Changes are occurring even in a mother's womb. The Earth is based on seedtime and harvest. Once something is planted, it changes and grows. Seeds are not meant to remain seeds forever. Once planted, if the conditions around it are right, it changes and grows. We will not stay the same forever. We change physically, mentally, and spiritually. Change equals growth.

Life is a series of updates. Many of us receive alerts on our cell phones letting us know that we have pending updates to our software that we need to install for our phones to work properly. Some of us press "no" or "install later." Why? We don't feel like waiting, and it takes too long for the updates to install. We say to ourselves, "My phone is working just fine the way it is!" Well, those updates are there to protect you. It provides security against viruses and hackers. It also provides new features that make things operate more efficiently. The same thing can be applied to our daily lives. Our alerts may be to start eating right, spend more time with your family, go back to school, write that book, take that class on creating a new business, start exercising, go to the doctor and get a checkup, give so-and-so a call, get some rest, change your circle of friends, leave here and go there, etc. We don't know what's down the road, but God will always send a spiritual alert or an update, but we have to accept it for it to work in our lives. When God sends you an update request, press 'OK.'

God created the seasons. There are natural seasons and spiritual seasons. In natural seasons, we have winter, spring, summer, and fall. During each of those seasons, things are physically changing. In spiritual seasons, things are changing internally first and then manifesting outwardly. The word of God tells us in Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV), "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens."

Change requires us to be uncomfortable. It takes us out of our "modus operandi," if you will. You see, we create these cocoons of comfort that we don't want to leave. We're cozy and snug inside of our cocoons. We're holding on to the security blankets of familiarity. Sometimes, we get so used to doing things a certain way that we don't want to change and go in another direction. We have become comfortable, and we know that change will require us to become uncomfortable. It will require us to operate by faith.

That uneasiness that you're feeling could be God sending you a "spiritual update" that something is about to change. What changes are you resisting today? When are you going to complete your own personal metamorphosis and come out of the cocoon of familiarity? Do not be concerned with the opinions of others. This is about you! If you feel like a change is needed, you're feeling that way for a reason. Don't resist God's updates! Press 'OK.' Who knows. Your blessings might be waiting for you behind the door of CHANGE.

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